Defending a Federal Criminal Case

Defending a federal criminal case can be complex. The procedure in federal court is much different than State court. When you are charged in a federal criminal case, it is important to hire an attorney that has federal court experience. At my firm, we have defended all types of federal criminal cases with great results. Call us today at (832) 322-6707 to start the defense of your case.

The defense of a federal case starts with a bond hearing. This is because bond is not guaranteed in federal court. There are several things that a federal criminal defense attorney needs to do in order to have a successful bond hearing. The federal attorney needs to interview witness that can testify that the accused will not flee if given bail and is not a danger to the community. If the witnesses are favorable to the defense, then they should be called as witnesses. Defending a federal criminal case starts with the bail hearing.

Federal cases last approximately a year to conclude. Within that year, the federal criminal defense attorney should evaluate the evidence that the government has against the accused. It is very important that a full review of the evidence is done to determine if any motions need to be filed. The judge always set deadlines for motions. These motions have the possibility to seriously undermine the government’s case. Because of this, you need an experienced federal criminal defense attorney by your side.

My office has defended a variety of federal criminal cases. Our services are professional, honest, and of great quality. Call us today to start the defense of your federal criminal case. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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