Where can I find my family member who is incarcerated?
For people who believe they are incarcerated on state charges, you can search these pages.


For people who are imprisoned for federal cases, you can look for them on this page.


Can my relative get bail?
If you are charged in state court, you will more than likely get bail. There are different types of bail in state court. You could get a surety bond, where you pay a bondsman 10%, or you can get a personal recognizance bond (PR Bond) and not pay any money.

In federal cases, the right to a bond is not guaranteed. In federal court, you regularly have to fight for bail. The bail hearing usually occurs 5 to 7 days after being arrested.

For more information about bond issues, call (832) 322-6707.

Where do I pay the bail amount?
A bonding company can help you with bail. However, there are many companies that are not honest. If you have questions about what bonding company to use, call me at (832) 322-6707.
My first court setting is tomorrow. Do I need a lawyer?
It is always recommended to have a criminal defense attorney with you in your first court setting. This is the first opportunity to start defending the case. But if you are unable to hire a criminal defense attorney by the first court setting, they will give you about two weeks to find one.
How long will my case last?
It depends on the type of case. Misdemeanors usually last from 4 to 6 months. Felonies last between 6 months to a year. Federal cases usually last from 6 months to 2 years.
Can you guarantee me a result?
The criminal lawyer cannot give any guarantees that the case will be won. Any lawyer who promises you a result is not an honest lawyer. Be very careful with these promises.

For an honest and professional consultation, call me at (832) 322-6707.

What kind of lawyer do I need?
If you are under criminal charges, you need a lawyer who is 100% dedicated to criminal cases. For example, you would not go to a children’s doctor when an adult has cancer, right? Criminal cases are complex. My firm handles 100% criminal cases.
I have a federal case. Where is my court going to be?
This depends on where the case was filed. My firm handles cases throughout Texas and the United States. The districts in Texas are separated into four zones:

Southern District of Texas: Houston, Laredo, McAllen, Corpus Christi, Brownsville. http://www.txs.uscourts.gov/.

Eastern District of Texas: Beaumont, Tyler, Lufkin, Sherman. http://www.txed.uscourts.gov/.

Western District of Texas: Austin, San Antonio, Del Rio, El Paso. https://www.txwd.uscourts.gov/.

Northern District of Texas (North District of Texas): Dallas, Ft. Worth, Abilene, Amarillo. http://www.txnd.uscourts.gov/.

I am a victim of a crime. Can you take my case?
Usually not. However, you can always call my office at (832) 322-6707 to receive a free consultation about your situation.
Do you have payment plans?
Yes. Being charged with a criminal offense is something that nobody financially plans for. We offer flexible payment plans for your particular situation.

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