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State Charges

From the moment that you hire my firm to represent you, I am looking for a way to get the charges dismissed. Unless the client directs me to, I will not negotiate with state or federal prosecutors until me and the client have reviewed and discussed all of the evidence in the case. During the evidence review stage, it is always my mission to outwork and outsmart the prosecution in every step of the way. Think about it, prosecutors have hundreds of cases. There is absolutely no reason why they should be more prepared than the criminal defense lawyer.

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Federal Charges

Being arrested on a federal charge can be a traumatic experience. Normally, the feds come early in the morning, they knock down the door, and they make a search of your house. If this were to happen to you, Attorney Javier O. Martinez can help protect your rights. His experience is extensive in these types of situations. Call him at (832) 322-6707 for a free case evaluation.

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There are not many things more frightening than being the subject of a criminal investigation. If you believe you are the subject of a criminal investigation, always consult with a criminal lawyer before making any statement to the police. When you consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, you will know if it is beneficial to speak with law-enforcement. Remember, you have the absolute right to remain silent, as well as have the fundamental right to a lawyer before being questioned by the police. If you think you are the subject of a criminal investigation, call Attorney Javier O. Martinez today for a free consultation.

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